Waste and Recycling Audits

What is a waste and recycling audit?

A waste audit is simply a process where industry experts review your waste and recycling service, invoice, and contracts to uncover savings opportunities. 


Why have a waste audit performed?

 Over 90% of businesses are overspending on their waste and recycling expenses.  Utilizing a P3 Waste Audit will bring this expense area under control.

 There is Zero Risk.  If we can't help there is no cost.  If we can we simply split the savings 50/50.  Our proposal is truly risk free.

 'Go Green' - utilizing P3's expertise we can often help organizations dramatically increase their recycling, all while reducing costs

How does a waste audit work?

 We obtain a list of locations and most recent waste invoice for each location.

 We go to work behind the scenes using our proprietary process to uncover savings opportunities. 

 We deliver our findings to you detailing exactly where and how much the savings opportunities are.

 Once approved by you we implement the savings at each location.

 Once the savings have been implemented and are hitting your bottom line we begin to share in them 50/50.

Additional benefits of your waste audit

 Monthly management of hauler issues - This is perhaps our most popular included service.  Would you rather have your managers and employees making money or dealing with dumpster issues.  No more waiting on hold or wasting time dealing with issues.  Call P3 and we'll handle it. 

 Monthly billing audits - are your bills correct?  Constant monitoring and reconciling of your waste invoices is the only way to verify this. 

 Contract management - almost every location requires a waste contract.  P3 stays on top of these to ensure compliance and cost effectiveness.