Utility and Telecom Audits and Cost Reduction Services

What is a Utility and Telecom Audit?

A utility and telecom audit is simply a process where industry experts review your telecom and utility services, invoices, and contracts to uncover billing errors, overcharges and opportunities for savings. 

Why have a P3 Telecom and Utility Audit Performed?

  Telecom and Utility invoices are written in industry language - Our expert auditors know how to interpret complex telecom customer service records and how utility tariff's apply to your business. 

  The burden of bill verification is put on the customer - Telecom and Utility companies put the burden of bill verification on you.  Most billing errors are under 10%.  So they get paid without detection yet add up month over month and year over year.  Without complete understanding of the industry, tariffs, marketplace and contracts accurate monthly bill verification is impossible.  P3 can help. 

  Our offer is risk free - We don't charge for our substantial time and energy we put into your audit.  If we do our entire review and can't save you any money, it doesn't cost you a thing. 

  Get peace of mind this expense area is under control - Without conducting an audit of these expense areas you are spending unverified money each month.  What other areas of your organization do you spend money on without knowing what it is for?  A P3 audit will help you know this expense area is correct. 


How a P3 Telecom and Utility Audit works –

  After engaging with P3 we will need approximately 12 months worth of invoices to begin our review

  Over the next 8-12 weeks we will review your invoices, customer service records and contracts applying our industry knowledge and proprietary process. 

  Once we have our findings complete we will issue our recommendations.  If approved by you we will implement those on your behalf. 

  Only after savings reach the bottom line will we begin to share in on the savings monthly 50/50.

  We monitor the bills each month to ensure accuracy going forward.